Tuismitheoirí & Paistí ag obair le chéile

Paired Reading at Home

1. Roghnaigh seomra atá deas compórdach agus ciúin.

* Choose a place that is free from distraction. The room chosen must be peaceful and without interruption from T.V., radio etc. An upstairs bedroom with good lighting might suit.

2. Roghnaigh am atá oiriúnach daoibh.

* Choose a time that is suitable. Don’t call him/her during their favourite T.V. programme or when their friends call around. At bedtime he/she is usually too tired to concentrate.

3. leanúnachas 5-10 noiméad gach lá.

* Spend only five to ten minutes per session. Try to be consistent and if possible do a little each day.

4. Bainigí taithneamh as na pictiúir.

* Allow your child to look at and enjoy the picture that goes with the text. If you wish, discuss the picture or illustration.

5. Tosaigh go mall agus cluas le luas an pháiste agat.

* Read slowly in the beginning until you both find a rhythm. For the first week or so, do not allow the child to read alone.

6. Nuair a bheidh córas oiriúnach roghnaithe agaibh, ar aghaidh libh go céim a 2. Cabhraigh leis/leí láithreach má bhíonn sé/sí i bponc.

* When both you and your child are confident about the method then you may try the second stage. When he/she wishes to read along on his/her own he/she knocks on the table and continues on. As soon as he/she gets stuck you come in and continue with him/her again and so on. At all times try to maintain the flow of reading.

7. Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí!

* Remember to encourage and praise him/her. This will help his/her confidence grow.